Family History - Welcome Page

We have enjoyed doing family history for many years, and we have collected a lot of information, photos, histories, and sources.  We are happy to share what we have with you. Please feel free to save a copy for yourself, but remember that they are copyrighted.  You are welcome to use it, but NOT to sell it or use it for any commercial purposes. 

We hope you will also want to contribute information.  If you have questions, or you have something to contribute, please contact me at:

Family Index

This a list of the primary families that are related to us. You can find their information by selecting them on this index, or by using the menu system on the left.

William Carroll Allen and Almira Jane Roberts
William Carroll Allen and Susan Carson
Thomas Henry Clark and Margaret Ann Fox
William Clark and Margaret Boardman
Walter Henry Cooper and Esther Juanita Maxwell
Dent and Broady families of Maryland
Simeon Adams Dunn and Harriet Atwood Silver
Andrew Wilson Ferris and Inez Joanne Kernan
Isaac Wilson Fox and Catherine Sophia Simmons
Christian Hansen and Hansine Christine Hansen
James Christian Hansen and Aleen Hunsaker
Abraham Hunsaker and Eliza Collins
Allen Collins Hunsaker and Evaline Silver Dunn
Mads Christian Jensen and Maren Hansen
Francis L Kernan and Goldie Bell Post
Walter August Mangels and Phillis Jean Cooper
Neils Christian Mortensen and Jensena Katherine Klem
Lars Olsen and Ane Ingeborg Hansen
John Charles Post and Celestia Avis Youlin
James Rose and Eliza Harrod Winder
William James Rose and Matilda Marie Olsen
Rose family in Kent County, England
Enoch Russon and Mary Elizabeth Tame
Lott Russon and Eliza Round
Rulon Lincoln Russon and Margaret LaLita Clark
John Franklin Smith and Sarah Yates
Joseph Johnson Smith and Ann Coleman
Thomas Tame and Mary Ann Gregg
John Wild and Jane Brown
John Wild and Sarah Andrews
John Wild and Mary Gidge
John Wild and Mary Matthews
John Wild and Mary Laishley
Ellis Wilford Wilde and Sarah Ellen Rose
Henry Brown Wilde and Sarah Hewlett
Kenneth James Wilde and Elaine Hansen
Thomas Hewlett Wilde and Sarah Jensen
Wilford Hewlett Wilde and Olivia Mortensen
Wild family in Hampshire County, England
Myrven Leo Woffinden and Donna LaLita Russon
Thomas Woffinden and Myrtle Luella Smith
Walter Woffinden and Mary Jane Denton
William Yates and Martha Mary Ann Peck